An Index

The following is an index, only, to the contents of the various issues of Through the Years, a history of Manitoulin.

This partial index was generously started by Marian Aelick and submitted to the site with the permission of Rick McCutcheon, publisher of the Manitoulin Expositor. If you have access to these booklets and have additional indexes or updated information that you can add please send to me in an email.
Please do NOT email me for lookups, I do not have access to the booklets. Volunteers to do lookups for pamphlets are listed on the Manitoulin Researchers and Lookups Page. If you are willing to do lookups on any of this pamphlets please let me know.

When visiting the Island you may also see some of the issues at the Centennial Museum in Sheguiandah, the Tourist Information Booths and at some libraries on the Island and Sudbury.

Through the Years
Summer 1996

Page Article or Item
4 Letter from Jason LEWIS re: grandfather John JOHNSTON
13 Robert E. SIM family
16 Diary of Dr. Robert William SHAW


Through the Years
Autumn 1996

Page Article or Item
. Prison camp in Espanola