An Index

The following is an index, only, to the contents of the various issues of Through the Years, a history of Manitoulin.

This partial index was generously started by Marian Aelick and submitted to the site with the permission of Rick McCutcheon, publisher of the Manitoulin Expositor. If you have access to these booklets and have additional indexes or updated information that you can add please send to me in an email.
Please do NOT email me for lookups, I do not have access to the booklets. Volunteers to do lookups for pamphlets are listed on the Manitoulin Researchers and Lookups Page. If you are willing to do lookups on any of this pamphlets please let me know.

When visiting the Island you may also see some of the issues at the Centennial Museum in Sheguiandah,  the Tourist Information Booths and at some libraries on the Island and Sudbury.

Through the Years
January 1995

Page Article or Item
11 Obituary, David MILLER and wife Jane BELL
15 Picture of John ? and Frank PAISLEY puming water
17 Wedding of John BLUE and Hannah Jane KAY
17 Death of Wesley ALLEN
19 Story of Bell Telephone
25 Picture of Dr. DAVIS and Effie BECKS with his car with skiis for front wheels
25 Story of Ann Jane MORRELL, nee DAVIS
28 Death of Andrew MITCHELL
28 Obituary, Ida Jane MORRIS, nee WISMER; Leslie WITTY; Charles HURDLE, Mrs. George COUTTS, Emma NOBLE
29 Died Herbert NEEDAM, Mrs. Angus McKAY, J.A. KINNEY
31 Marriage of Angus MATHESON and Dora KEOWN


Through the Years
February 1995

Page Article or Item
. Pictures of old homes on Manitoulin
16 GILROY – JOHNSON marriage 1923
17 Body of Kate TYSON found
18 Eliza ANDERSON and Jacob HOPKINS wedding
18 Wm. J. WEDGERFIELD – Mary McIVOR wedding
18 death of George McDOUGALL in Spanish train wreck
26 death of Mrs. Dave (Elizabeth) SIMS
26 death of John Isaac HEMBRUFF
26 Obituary Elizabeth Emily STOCKS wife of Arthur RUNNALLS
27 Obituary of John W. VANEVERY
27 Obituary Robert J. LEWIS
31 Information on death of Alfred HANER


Through the Years
June 1995

Page Article or Item
. Anglican churches on the Manitoulin
4 Birth of the Establishment by Miss ANDERSON, daughter of Capt. T.T. ANDERSON; story of arriving on Island in 1838
11 Church of England on Manitoulin, Rev. Canon Frederick FROST


Through the Years
July 1995

Page Article or Item
9 Naming of places in the North Channel
23 Growing up on the 10th Line, Lois COOPER, nee HANER
23 Picture of Iva and Shirley LUCAS, Lois HANER
24 Picture of HARTLEY, HANER, LUCAS and FRASER families
25 The SKIPPEN settlement in Green Bay by George SKIPPEN, 1995
26 Picture of John and Elizabeth SKIPPEN
29 Death of Miss Charlotte NELSON, April 26, 1946
29 Obituary, Alexander McKECHNIE in 1946
30 Obituary, James MORDEN
30 Death of Jeretta Best WILSON, widow of Arthur WHITE


Through the Years
September 1995

Page Article or Item
. A lot on ships of Great Lakes
8, 9 Billings schools
12 Ethel Maude ROBINSON wed Wilson M. BELL
15 Poem – Wreck of the Hesperus
19 1910 Death of James ALLEN in Chesley
23, 24, 25 Pioneer story by Martha Robertson WHITFIELD
31 Students from SS #5, Green Bay
32 Students from SS #2, Billings


Through the Years
October 1995

Page Article or Item
. A historical glimpse into the Upper Georgian Bay and North Channel Corridor
3 Kathleen Green DISMORE ancestors came down French to Killarney, and later to South Baymouth
13 Jesse LEHMAN guide in Bay Fine