An Index

The following is an index, only, to the contents of the various issues of Through the Years, a history of Manitoulin.

This partial index was generously started by Marian Aelick and submitted to the site with the permission of Rick McCutcheon, publisher of the Manitoulin Expositor. If you have access to these booklets and have additional indexes or updated information that you can add please send to me in an email.
Please do NOT email me for lookups, I do not have access to the booklets. Volunteers to do lookups for pamphlets are listed on the Manitoulin Researchers and Lookups Page. If you are willing to do lookups on any of this pamphlets please let me know.

When visiting the Island you may also see some of the issues at the Centennial Museum in Sheguiandah,  the Tourist Information Booths and at some libraries on the Island and Sudbury.

Through the Years
February 1990

Page Article or Item
3 Mrs. Emerson LEWIS wins sewing prize
5 LaSalle the explorer
9 Searching for the Griffon
18 Golden wedding Mr. and Mrs. R. W. FAWCETT
18 Obituary Henry WITTY
29 Obituary, John J. WILKINSON h/o Nellie HAUGH
29 Obituary, Duncan McLEOD h/o Catherine BUIE


Through the Years
March 1990

Page Article or Item
Cover Picture of Gore Bay in Late 1800s
3 WISMER-IRWIN story of teaching
5 First settlement of Manitoulin by ANDERSON
7 Obituary Lewis AINSLIE
10 BICKELL and HOLDSWORTH wedding note
11 John SHIELDS, police officer
11 PHILLIPS and NORTON wedding
18 Indian Treaty #94, Manitoulin
32 Postal facts in Canada


Through the Years
April 1990

Page Article or Item
Cover Benian BROWN and son in car
3 Story of BROWN family to Island
Charles Lloyd MARVEN, story of family
Ruby McColeman WOODRUFF, story of end of war
Frank and Mary HUBBERT


Through the Years
May 1990

Page Article or Item
3 DOBSON letters
4 Letter stating “William HUNTER…binder twine”
11 SIDES family entries re Mills School
12 SS No. 1 Mills School c. 1898
14 SS No. 1 Mills School c. 1899
15 List of school board members
18 SS No. 1 Mills School c. 1901
22 1899 School picture Sec. 1 Mills
23 Picture Jane and Matthew McCAULEY riding in cutter with grandchildren


Through the Years
June 1990

Page Article or Item
8 Catholic Faith North Bay to Sault Ste. Marie
22 John NELLES accident coming home from Blind River
28 Rev. Daniel BOCK of Kokomo, B. BOCK of Carnarvon
31 Birth notice March 12 Oscar AELICK, a son


Through the Years
July 1990

Page Article or Item
Obituary, John GIBSON


Through the Years
August 1990

Page Article or Item
6 James YOUNG family
24 McCAULEY, HALL, McCONKEY pictures


Through the Years
September 1990

Page Article or Item
4 Max LEESON with old 1930 Model A Ford
9 Story of 100 years of Salem Missionary Church, Spring Bay
14 SCHROEDER home on Island
15 Picture of Ada HANER and story of church
16 Marriage of Caroline HANER to Matthew SLOSS
27 John JOYCE’s Bible
30 Thessalon, story of death of R.R. McKAY
30 Death of Wilfred Willard WITTY
32 Farewell to Mrs. BARCLAY, school teacher
32 Farewell to Mr. & Mrs. E. NEWELL and son Percy as they move north of Sault Ste. Marie


Through the Years
October 1990

Page Article or Item
3 History of Stone Silo by Ev PROCTOR
3 Picture of Nellie nee WILLETT ELFORD and Ev PROCTOR
4 Picture of silo on WILLETT farm
5 Story of Jessie Elizabeth GLENN being lost for 24 hours at age 22 months
6 Submission by Estelle (Tay) Bauble JOHNSON (Mrs. Victor D.) of BAUBLE baby
18 Story of Ruby McCOLMAN and pictures of family


Through the Years
November 1990

Page Article or Item


Through the Years
December 1990

Page Article or Item
5 Picture of Joe SMYTH, Russell HOPKINS, Ted COOK, Edward ADDISON, Charles HUTTON, Andrew McMILLAN, Herb HOPKINS and Willard COOK
9 Picture of Harry LOOSEMORE
10 Robert BOYTER funeral
14 Constable Albert Wesley STEWART dies after seizure
15 Sinking of MS Hibou
16 Picture of ADDISON family
21 Story on Killarney
32 Death of Mrs. Archie STEPHENS
33 H.L. WISMER and son Gordon S.
36 Obituary Cecil LANGMAN