An Index

The following is an index, only, to the contents of the various issues of Through the Years, a history of Manitoulin.

This partial index was generously started by Marian Aelick and submitted to the site with the permission of Rick McCutcheon, publisher of the Manitoulin Expositor. If you have access to these booklets and have additional indexes or updated information that you can add please send to me in an email.
Please do NOT email me for lookups, I do not have access to the booklets. Volunteers to do lookups for pamphlets are listed on the Manitoulin Researchers and Lookups Page. If you are willing to do lookups on any of this pamphlets please let me know.

When visiting the Island you may also see some of the issues at the Centennial Museum in Sheguiandah, some of the Tourist Information Booths and at some libraries on the Island and Sudbury.

Through the Years
January 1992

Page Article or Item
Cover Picture of Rev. PELLETIER and horse
3 Story by P. Alvin LITTLE about Bill BERRY
6 Obituary – Mrs. David IRWIN
7 Wreck of Ella M and Patsy – plus picutre
18 Death of Dennis WRIGHT
20 Pictures of John BOWERMAN, William, Hughie, Ross, Len and J.M. LEESON; BOWERMAN family
21 Picture of Allan FROST fixing window
21 Death of Rev. Robt. McKAY
21 Death of John BUIE
22 Memorial poem – Robert PICKARD
25 death of Merle WISMER
28 Marriage of Thomas SMITH to Bessie BROWN
30 Death of Mrs. John ANDERSON
31 Death of Mrs. Mary Ellen WIBER
32 Marriage of Martha LEESON to Mr. GILSTEN/GILSTON of Thornbury


Through the Years
February 1992

Page Article or Item
5 SHIELDS family
6 Samuel J. REYNOLDS, Margaret Jane FOSTER
21 Obituary of Meryl WISMER
28 Death of Esther nee BEST MILLIGAN (R.W.)
28 Charles PRIOR – great walker
31 Death of Dennis WRIGHT
31 BRETTs had a mill


Through the Years
March 1992

Page Article or Item
10 A Pioneer’s Wife, Samuel CHAPDELAINE on his wife, Laura, a day or two after she died
11 History of John McKECHNIE of Tehkummah, 1908
13 Heroes return from war
15 Lindsay JOHNSTON talks of Manitoulin
24 Picture of George B. THOMPSON and John M. ALLEN
26 Picture of James CARTER Family Home, about to fall


Through the Years
April 1992

Page Article or Item
5 Poem about Jim LOWE
8 Picture of actors from Gore Bay
9 Pioneers of local bar in 1894
14 Mabel MEDAUGH of Proton, Ontario ran away with Robert CLARK. Father James R. MEDAUGH of Proton, Ontario pursued them to Sault Ste. Marie
23 Picture of CONKLIN-GAMEY family of Long Bay
25 Picture of hay at Lorne McGAULEY
28 Picture McCONKEY store and lodge
29 Picture Gordon Motors
30 Picture of Louise MORDEN nee McGIBBON, Ruth AELICK and May CALBACK


Through the Years
May 1992

Page Article or Item
Cover Christine KEEN
3 Meldrum Bay Sunday School
5 Interview re “Griffon”
8 Picture of fawn sucking from a cow, Archie WICKETT looks on
9 Mill in Meldrum Bay
11, 12, 13 Pictures of WICKETT, STEELE families
16 Meldrum Bay United Church, pictures
23 George AVIS lost on ice
24 Picture of MILLMAN family
26 McDONALD, HARTMAN lost on ice


Through the Years
June 1992

Page Article or Item
6 Picture of Rhinard and Hanna BAYER, Pearl COSBY and Grant BAYER and George BAYER
7 Picture of Ida PIERSON, Vickie and Louise FERGUSON
8 Picture of John FERGUSON family and wife Mary Jane JOHNSON
10 Pictures of Manitoulin Minister; Grandma and Grandpa COSBY; baptismal picture – WOOD family
15 Pictures of PARKINSON 50th anniversary, Charles COSBY in 1939 and Lew FERGUSON on Dec. 25, 1979
16 Pictures of families with Green Bay connection
18, 19 Pictures of marriages in Green Bay Church – Brock and Brenda CHISHOLM, Ron FERGUSON and Myina COSBY, Lois and Jerry BOND, Wayne MYERS and Mary Ellen GAMMIE, Helen COSBY and James CHILSHOLM, Aleda FERGUSON, Grandpa FERGUSON
20 Picture of Rev. VINCER, Joe and Vera ARMSTRONG and Jula and Ernie HORE at Mindemoya United Church
22 Obituary – Sarah Elizabeth WOOD nee COSBY; Leslie WOOD
23,24 Pictures: Dick and Julian CHISLHOLM, Richard TUSTIAN, Orion AELICK, Barbara CHISHOLM, and Emma TUSTIAN; Rita HOWARD PARKINSON, Doris HOWARD CHISHOLM, Julian CHISHOLM, Charlie PARKINSON, Barbara’s wedding. Doris TUSTIAN and Julian CHISHOLM wedding, Edith TUSTIAN and Julian CHISHOLM wedding nniversary; Alf and Lily SPRY, Viney and Bill FERGUSON with Ruth CHISHOLM Mohammed
25 Biography of Mrs. Edith I. CHISHOLM, nee TUSTIAN
27 Julian Alonzo CHISHOLM, Biography
28 CHISHOLM family pictures
29 Biography of Lily Jane SPRY, nee SNOW


Through the Years
July 1992

Page Article or Item
. Features conservation on Manitoulin Island


Through the Years
August 1992

Page Article or Item
3 Phyllis MILLIGAN letter to James MILLIGAN family
4 Story and people of Killarney; Boats on Great Lakes
18 Picture: Henry BATEMAN, George and son Jarvis BATEMAN
22 William GORDON house burns and two children die
25 Death of Elmer GORDON, son of Stan GORDON
29 Wreck of Asia, Mrs. Albert FLEMING nee Christina MORRISON
32 Dr. J. A. BAKER


Through the Years
September 1992

Page Article or Item
10 Picture and story John A. LOUGHEED
12 Story of Emma BURNS
14 Marriage certificate – Joseph MILLMAN of Blind River to Josephine FISHER of Meldrum Bay
15 Death of Ida McKIN, 1909
16 Sketch of William Durie LYON
24 Lauchie McCANNEL talks of Scotland
28 William SCHROEDER visits Manitoulin in 1885
32 John BUIE dies in Accident


Through the Years
October 1992

Page Article or Item
5 Picture of Charlie ROBERTSON, wife Gertrude and son Harold
6 Picture of barn raising at George PICKARD
7 Picture of Earl McGIBBON
8 Henry VANCISE broke his collar bone
9 Death of James COUTTS of Sask.
10 Fatal accident to Mr. John BUIE of East Campbell
12 Wedding of Arthur E. PATEMAN and Pauline FLOOD
14 Wedding of Ida VANHORN to William A. HARE
16 Picture of Anglican Church in Silver Water with congregation c. 1914
17 James Henry SKIPPEN married to Flo McCAULEY
18 Notice of death of infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas WILSON
22 79th Birthday of Jas. McFARLAND
26 Death of Mrs. Thomas (Mary Jane) McCULLIGH


Through the Years
December 1992

Page Article or Item
5 Picture- Leonard SMITH, teacher Hilly Grove School, 1914
6 Story on Thomas Robert LOUGHEED and Margaret ARMSTRONG family
13 Picture of Mr. and Mrs. J. J. MacCONNELL, grandparents of Ellen McQUARRIE
19 1901 Explosion at Silver Water Mill – Frank GUINN/James HAZZARD/Barney ADDISON/CRONK
22 Pioneer of Cockburn Island