A serious accident occurred seven miles below Killarney on Thursday afternoon when Regis Lamorandiere, 17-year-old Killarney youth, received the charge of both barrels of a shot gun in the arm. The accident occurred when Regis reached into his boat to put out his shot gun, catching it by the end of the barrel, both barrels discharging causing severe wounds to hand and arm.
Accompanied by his father and a friend, the boy had gone a little distance in a boat and while getting out of the boat the accident happened. Hearing the shout of his son, the father rushed to where he was and applied a tourniquet to the arm. The gun discharge tore away the fleshy part of the upper right arm missing the brachial artery and bone by a narrow margin. The fleshy part of the palm of the right hand was also torn. It is remarkable how the discharge did not blow his arm off and the narrow margin of the shot missing the brachial artery alone saved him from death by hemorrhage. The lad was brought to Little Current immediately for medical treatment. Dr. G. McDonald assisted by Dr. Young rendering professional services. Hope is held out for a recovery of the boy and at the present time is resting comfortably.
Manitoulin Expositor, September 10, 1931