Reproduced with the permission of Shelley J. Pearen and the Ontario Genealogical Society
Source: Families Vo. 21 – No. 1, 1982

Residents 1838-1871

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Ba Baptist NB New Brunswick
Bp Birth Place On Ontario
Ca Canada/Canadian PLS Public Land Surveyor
DES Descent Pr Presbyterian
DOS Date of Settlement REL Religion
Du Dutch RC Roman Catholic
EI East Indies Sc Scotland/Scottish
En England/English SIA Indian Affairs Superintendent
Ep Episcopalian SW Sweden/Swedish
Fr France/French Un Universalist
IA Indian Affairs Dept. Wa Wales
Ir Ireland/Irish We Welsh
Lu Lutheran WM Wesleyan Methodist
1838 October 30. The residents of the Government’s “Establishment” who settled on Manitoulin Island to instruct the Indians. Miss Anderson, “Birth of the Establishment”, Manitoulin: The Isle of the Ottawas, comp. F.W. Major. (Gore Bay: Recorder Press, 1934), p. 37
1757 The Ontario Director’s list of residents of Mahnetooahning, Manitoulin Island, Toronto 1858.
1861 October 5. The witnesses of the treaty negotiations between the government representatives and the Indians of Manitoulin Island. Canada Sessional Papers, 1863, No. 63, Manitoulin Island.
1862 October 6. The witnesses of the treaty signing which opened the Island for settlement
Canada. Indian Treaties and Surrenders from 1680-1890, 2 Vols. (Ottawa: Queen’s Printer, 1891), 2:235-237.
1865 Jabez Waters Sims’ list of Manitoulin Island residents.
1867 August 3. The signatures of inhabitants on a petition to the Governor General regarding the Island’s Superintendent of Indian Affairs.
Metropolitan Toronto Library Board, Manitoulin Island 18-464 Transcripts, 4 pages 1867.
1868 Jabez Waters Sims’ list of Manitoulin Island residents.
1871 Census of Manitoulin Island by George B. Abrey.

The Indian and Jesuit residents of the eastern portion of the Island which was never ceded to the government are not included in the lists.